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Groups - Recording, reflecting, planning and sharing

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Are you looking to support children in an education setting? Our recording, reflecting, sharing and planning CPD programme is ideal for anybody coming in to contact with children in an education setting. This session is aimed at providing knowledge on recording practices and legal requirements. The session also supports staff to share appropriately as well as how we use our recordings to support children in schools by creating and maintaining plans of safety. School improvement planning is included in this session. We use government guidance documents, experience and research to deliver this session. Staff will come away with a good understanding of the importance of factual, accurate and timely recordings and how we achieve this. This session is compiled of 4 videos and a supporting quiz. 1. Recording serious incidents. 2. Reflecting on serious incidents. 3. Planning for serious incidents. 4. Sharing recordings. This session is accredited through the CPD standards office Provider number 21721. This session does not include any physical intervention techniques, it is guidance only. This training is suitable for: All staff who are in contact with children including: Management, Teachers, Pastoral Staff, Support Staff and School Outreach Workers This programme is for groups of staff members - the price of this programme is for 30 staff members. On purchase of this programme a coded coupon will be forwarded to you which can be used 30 times. If you are looking for physical intervention (practical) training then please choose one of our programmes that include this as an option.

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