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Refresher training IN PERSON


This is a 3-hour session in your school all carried out in person.

This is for staff members that have previously carried out any of our full physical intervention training programmes within the last 2 years.

If your certificate has expired before the date of your planned physical session you will need to complete the 5 or 6 hour session or 6 hour mixed video session.

This is for a maximum of 26 staff members. Additional members over the number of 26 will be charged at £80 per person.


The cost of this session is £1200. This includes all expenses.

Following this session your previous certification will be renewed.

To arrange this session please contact us at

Thank you for continuing to support P&I training to deliver quality, affordable training to schools throughout England and Wales. 

For any further support or training needs please don't hesitate to contact us.

Alan Robson

Director P&I Training Ltd

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