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Train the trainer

Train the trainer prices start at £500 per person for individual trainers wishing to attend an external session. During Covid we have ceased (temporarily) to offer external session as there were a number of schools mixing together and we were unable to carry out the sessions safely and in line with government guidance.

We are currently offering the following for individual schools:

5 day - train the trainer session for up to 5 members of staff at a cost of £2250 for initial training.

The training will be brought to you and carried out over a period of 5 consecutive working days in the same week. Please be aware that all 5 staff will need to be released for the full 5 day period.

On completion of the training your staff will be able to carry out the 1 day-accredited in house training programme. This can include unlimited sessions inside your school and they are also free to offer the services to other schools in your locality.

The cost to keep all of your staff staff members accredited is £1200 per year.

This includes a 1 day onsite refresher each year.


Any school that has on-site trainers gain automatic access to our members area. The content of the members area can be used for your entire school staff team.

The terms of the sessions are discussed at sale and the benefits for larger schools can mean huge financial savings.

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