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1. Physical intervention in schools legal and DfE guidance

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Are you looking to support children in an education setting? Our legal and DfE guidance to the use of force in schools CPD programme is ideal for anybody coming in to contact with children in an education setting. Staff members face situations which, at times, may involve a degree of physical intervention. This session is aimed at providing underpinning knowledge of DfE guidance and the law, as well as covering the role and expectations of staff members during serious incidents. The overall aim of the session is to give staff the confidence to approach serious situations in a safe, legal and appropriate manner. Research from staff members informs us that one of the biggest things they are worried about when dealing with incidents that involve a level of physical intervention, is the worry of prosecution and/or school proceedings that may result in the loss of their jobs or prosecution. These are real fears for staff. This session will offer support to staff members to allow them to understand who can and for what reason physical intervention may be implemented. This session is accredited through the CPD standards office Provider number 21721. This session does not include any physical intervention techniques, it is guidance only. This training is suitable for: All staff who are in contact with children including: Management, Teachers, Pastoral Staff, Support Staff and School Outreach Workers This training is undertaken via video learning and quiz and a personalised certificate is immediately downloadable. This programme is for individual staff members only - the price of this programme is for 1 staff member only. If you are looking for larger numbers then please choose the group option when purchasing - this is much more cost effective for larger groups of staff. If you are looking for physical intervention (practical) training then please choose one of our programmes that include this as an option.

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